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Providing online platform for Admission & Examination to client institutions and universities.

Accredited online PhD Programs

Accredited Online Phd Programs


Earning a Doctorate Degree in your field of choice is enjoyable and respectful particularly when studying in one of the fully accredited and recognized university .

Doctoral degrees

Academic and professional accredited doctoral degrees offer refinement to graduates for finishing the highest level of knowledge & skills offered in their field. An academic PhD from an accredited university qualifies graduates for college / university level professorships, education administration careers and postgraduate research fellowships. Professional doctorates from an accredited university speak to the most elevated instructive achievement in a particular vocation field.

What is GradXs?

GradXs is Authorized by the Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence & Business Management - LIUTEBM , Lusaka, Zambia as their Exclusive Enrollment & Academic Administration Service Provider for the Asian region.  The LIUTEBM , Lusaka , Zambia is a Recognized and Accredited University of Zambia by the Ministry of Education, Government of Zambia. The University is listed with the World Higher Education Database, maintained  by the International Association of Universities - IAU. All its Degrees are internationally Recognized & Accredited. The GradXs is Global Enrollment & Student Support Facilitator of the LIUTEBM University.

The GradXs website is providing facilities of online enquiry , online admission and online query/support handling. GradXs also provides its administration services & functions as a link between the students of the university from the Asian region and the University headquarters in Zambia.

Why GradXs ?

GradXs provides its continuous support services to all the enrolled students of University from the Asian region. GradXs offers an excellent opportunity to the students of India & Asia to enroll and complete the coveted Accredited PhD Degree from LIUTEBM University without travelling to the Zambian campus of the University. Students can complete the Program from their respective place of residence through the services of GradXs. The PhD offered is a Degree by Regular Independent Research Program which is facilitated through online platform of GradXs .

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate willing to do a PhD from an accredited university like LIUTEBM University has to complete their post graduate / Master degree or equivalent in relevant subject from a recognized university/ Institution.

The working persons who have completed their Masters degree and are working in academics in relevant fields with adequate quality work experience are eligible for lateral entry. Hence you can earn an accredited PhD in fast-track mode by availing Lateral Entry in previous batches subject to decision of the university.

The Fast – Track option through Lateral Entry route :

Candidates with more than 5 years of academic teaching experience and who have adequate number of publications can seek lateral entry and if accepted, can complete the 3 year PhD Degree faster.

Skills and qualities needed to enroll in an accredited university.

The PhD candidates who are willing to enroll themselves in an accredited online PhD should have strong research potential and ability to perform independent research under a university approved Mentor. The candidate should also have substantial experience in your chosen field and career objectives related with the PhD degree Research topic.

Subjects Available for the PhD by Research : Management & allied areas, IT & allied areas, Law, Education and Social Sciences

Study Mode

  • Regular Guided Research Program (This Program is NOT a Distance or ONLINE Program. Only Admission Process is ONLINE.)

PhD by Research - Step by step Process

1. Research Proposal  :  This is a Pre-Enrollment Process for enrolment in LIUTEBM PhD by Research Program. The interested candidate will submit a Research Proposal to the University stating his/her desire to conduct an independent Research on a subject of his / her choice. The University will evaluate the proposal and if found acceptable, it will allow the candidate to enroll in the program. 

2. Enrollment Process : Once the Proposal is conveyed to be acceptable, the candidate fills up and completes the admission formalities online on . All the educational & work-related documents and photograph etc. are uploaded on the website i.e. and a nominal Pre-Admission fees is paid the documents are verified and an invoice is sent to the candidate by email by the university and the candidate is required to pay 1st installment of fees in theUniversity bank account. The University, upon receipt, issues a Letter of Admission with a Student ID No. 

3. Dissertation Guide & his/her approval

4. Writing & Publications - minimum 3 to 5  based upon nature & area of research are needed to be published in renowned & listed journals.

5. Dissertation Review

6. Dissertation Defense : either at University Campus or Embassies or via Skype  

7. Award to successful candidates 


LIUTEBM University is a recognized and accredited university of Zambia. Its PhD is offered as a regular program which has to be completed by independent research under guidance and supervision of a university approved mentor.

For information on admission procedures, visit the GradXs website or contact +91.9663343992.

GradXs & LIUTEBM University 

The GradXs, India is a Unit of Centre for Management Consultancy & Education Pvt. Ltd. , a Registered Education & Consultancy Company established in the year 2003 , with an objective of providing education, training, educational administration, assessment and consultancy services to the Indian and foreign institutions as well as students.

GradXs , India is Authorized by the Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence & Business Management - LIUTEBM , Lusaka, Zambia as the Exclusive Enrollment & Academic Administration Service Provider for the Asian region. The LIUTEBM , Lusaka , Zambia is a Recognized and Accredited University of Zambia under Ministry of Education, Government of Zambia. All its Degrees are internationally Recognized & Accredited.  The GradXs is the Global Enrollment and Student Support Facilitator of LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia.

GradXs & Charisma University

The GradXs is also associated with the Charisma University as its Affiliated Administration Support Office of Charisma University in India. The GradXs facilitates admission in the CU PhD also through only for Indian students or the foreigners who are residing in India. The students residing outside India can enroll in the LIUTEBM PhD Program through GradXs India website

The PhD Program is offered, run and administered directly by & from the LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia. All academic process is administered by the LIUTEBM only.  GradXs is LIUTEBM's Global Enrollment & Student Support Facilitator to assist the University in student administration particularly for Asian students. The GradXs functions as Affiliated Administration Support Office of Charisma University in India and the Charisma University PhD is also offered and run directly from Charisma University headquarters.