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Providing online platform for Admission & Examination to client institutions and universities.

Proposals Invited to become Authorized Enrollment Partner

GRADXS wishes to associate with educational and / or marketing & consultancy organizations who are interested & capable of investing their time, money & energy to grow & gain prestige, position and money by extending GRADXS programs & services in their respective areas / location / region. The Applicants must be confident of  marketing capabilities , particularly for the international programs. Before applying they must visit websites of GRADXS and it's international partner universities to know full details of available programs. The applicant organization should have minimum 500 sq ft of office space with space of counselling area, reception and an small conference room with seating capacity of 5 people. Apart from it, computer , printer, scanner and internet facility shall be a mandatory requirement.

Please contact via email at  or with Expression of Interest, Detailed Business & Marketing Plan and your organizational / personal Profile .