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LIUTEBM University, Zambia

The Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence & Business Management (LIUTEBM) , like any institution of higher learning in Zambia is accredited by the Higher Education Authority-HEA, Ministry of Education, Government of Zambia who are the regulators of education in Zambia. Recognition is equally granted through issuance of a certificate to operate as a University through the University Act. LIUTEBM is fully recognized by the Ministry of Education in Zambia. It is also a member of Association of African Universities & Association of Private Universities of Zambia. 

It is listed with the Word Higher Education Database (WHED) of International Association of Universities (IAU). The Degrees & Qualifications awarded by LIUTEBM are recognized worldwide being a Degree from a Recognized & Accredited University of the Republic of Zambia.

Qualifications earned from Government Recognized & Accredited University of any country are generally accepted in all other country. The criteria of judging a degree from overseas university is its recognition and accreditation in the home country / country of origin of that university. The LIUTEBM is Recognized & Accredited by the HIGHER EDUCATION AUTHORITY - HEA, Lusaka, Republic of Zambia. The HEA is the statutory government body mandated to regulate and accredit the universities, both public and private, in the Republic of Zambia just like the UGC that regulates the Indian universities. 

Embassy Attestation
The Zambian High Commission, New Delhi have stated that they will attest the degrees of LIUTEBM earned by the Asian students in particular, provided the respective graduate applies for it at its New Delhi based office.

AIU, New Delhi Membership
The LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia is an associate Member of the ASSOCIATION OF INDIAN UNIVERSITIES - AIU, NEW DELHI, INDIA. The AIU membership is another feather in the cap of LIUTEBM University. May like to visit University website for the reference at