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PhD by Research - LIUTEBM University

Entry Requirements : Masters Degree or Equivalent in relevant subject  from an Accredited University / Institution

Duration : 3 Years of independent research under supervision of a Mentor

                   The working persons who have completed Masters Degree earlier and have minimum 5 years of post PG academic teaching or 8 years of Industrial Executive work experience, can seek lateral entry in previous batches and save time on case to case basis, subject to decision of the University.

PhD by Research - Step by step Process

1. Informal Research Proposal & Personal Interview : The interested candidate will submit a informal tentative Research Proposal to the University stating his/her desire to conduct an independent Research on a subject of his / her choice. The University will evaluate the possibilities of conducting the research in accordance with the submitted tentative proposal and if found acceptable, it will allow the candidate to enroll in the program. A personal interview shall also be conducted online or face to face before formal enrollment in the Program. This is a pre-enrollment process. Acceptance or non-acceptance depends upon quality and merit of the informal Proposal. Interested candidates shall send their informal Proposal with CV and educational & work experience documents by email. The Proposal & Eligibility shall be evaluated and if found acceptable the student shall be communicated via email accordingly and will be asked to submit admission form & fees online at University's authorized enrollment partner 

2. Enrollment Process : Once the admission is permitted, the candidate shall fills-in and complete the admission formalities online on . All the educational & work-related documents and photograph are uploaded on the website i.e. The first installment of fees will be paid online on the GradXs secure site.  The Letter of Admission issued by the LIUTEBM University shall be sent via email by the GradXs to the student after the enrollment application is processed.

3. Formal Research Proposal Submission in University Format and Dissertation Guide Application Submission 

4. Writing & Publications - minimum 3 to 5  based upon nature & area of research are needed to be published in renowned & listed journals.

5. Dissertation Review

6. Dissertation Defense   

7. Award to successful candidates 

Plagiarism Report : It is mendatory to submit Plagiarism Report of the formal Research Proposal, publications and the Dissertation. 

 Subjects :

1. Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D in

           a. International Business

           b. Tourism

           c. Management & its allied areas

           d. Information Technology

           e. Computers

           f. Education 

           g. Law & Legal Administration 

           h. Social Science

This Accredited PhD Program is offered, run and administered directly by & from the LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia. All academic process is administered by the LIUTEBM.  GradXs is LIUTEBM's Global Enrollment & Student Support Facilitator to assist the University in student administration particularly for Asian students.